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Member companies of the Group are committed to providing quality and comprehensive services in their respective core businesses. The Group seeks to synergise and extend its footprint in relevant businesses and geographic territories.

Sanbase Interior Contracting Limited

Sanbase Interior Contracting Limited (SICL) is a comprehensive interior fitting-out service provider based in Hong Kong. It is mainly engaged in the renovation of Grade A office buildings in the Central Business Districts in Hong Kong, its main clients are prominent financial institutions, insurance companies and other multinational companies.

SICL possesses valuable experiences in project management and execution in fit-out projects, offers quality and competitive bare-shell fit-out, restacking, reinstatement, preventive maintenance and piecemeal repair and modification services to the clients.

Siwu Architectural (Guangzhou) Limited

Siwu Architectural (Guangzhou) Limited is a one-stop design & build solutions provider based in China, its service offerings include site selection, strategic planning, interior design, building services, project management, construction management and move management. The Company offers personalized solutions services, designing and building dreams and concepts into reality.

Sanbase Corporation Limited

SICL Contracting (Macau) Limited

SICL Contracting (Macau) Limited is an all-inclusive interior fitting-out service provider based in Macau, with its target clients in the high-end commercial office sector in Macau. The Company offers quality and competitive new fit-out, re-stack, reinstatement, preventative maintenance and piecemeal work services to the clients.

Studio 5 International Limited

Studio 5 International Limited is a design and build company based in Hong Kong. Its services range from site selection, strategic planning, interior design, engineering, construction management through to construction and move management. The professional team specializes in corporate and retail design and build projects.