The theme of Earth Hour 2022, which was organized by WWF, is “Habits Protect Habitats”. This theme reminds us that our habits have a direct impact on the habitats that surround us – our actions shape the future of critically important places and therefore shape our own future. 

Sanbase Corporation Limited, as always, showed its continuous support to such a meaningful campaign by pledging to transform our daily habits to protect irreplaceable wetlands for future generations.  Wetlands provide essential ecosystem services to wildlife and human beings, but they have been taken for granted for centuries, and threats like unsustainable development are putting wetlands under more pressure than ever before. It’s time for us to realise how important wetlands really are. 

Through supporting this annual event, we aim to remind the public that it has meant much more than just “turning off the lights for an hour”. We can all make small changes to help save our environment and protect nature for the future!